Monday, May 13, 2019

Grandparent's Day Gift Idea

Are you looking for a quick, easy, and cheap Grandparent's Day gift for your students to make?  These personalized oven mitts hit the mark!  Not only do these make a great gift for Grandparent's Day but you could also use this same idea for a great Mother's Day and/or Father's Day gift idea too!

Grandparent Gift Ideas Made By Kids

Here's how to make these personalized oven mitts:

Purchase Oven Mitts

I found these oven mitts at Walmart for .88 cents each.  They had them in this solid tan color.
Oven Mitt
They also had these oven mitts with the different designs on them.
Oven Mitts
Oven Mitts

The back side of the mitts were blank so they still worked great for this craft!
Grandparent Day Crafts

You can also find a great deal on oven mitts at Dollar Tree.  They have this set of 3 for only $1.00 each!  They are available in a couple different color options. The great thing about Dollar Tree is you can order everything you need online.  No need to drive around town looking for a class set.  They also offer a free in-store pickup option.

Purchase Paint Supplies

For this craft project you will need to purchase a bottle of fabric paint and a fabric marker (or puffy 3-D paint).  You can find these supplies at Walmart, Hobby Lobby, Amazon, etc.

Craft Supplies

I purchased a bottle of white fabric paint like the one below for the handprint on each mitten.

Then I purchased 3-D puffy paint and a fabric marker to write with.  I wanted to test both out.  The 3-D puffy paint is a lot harder to write with, especially for younger grade kids.  The fabric markers are easy to write with.  I would highly suggest having your students use the fabric markers to write with.
You can pick up this awesome pack of fabric markers on Amazon!

The great thing about this craft is the minimal supplies you have to buy!
Grandparent's Day Crafts

Student Handprints
Once you have all the supplies you are ready for the students to add their handprints.
Grandparent's Day Crafts
 Depending on the size of their hand you can do one or both of their handprints.
Grandparent's Day Crafts
If you need to darken up the handprint you can always stamp it a second time or go over it with a second coat of paint with a paintbrush. 
Grandparent's Day Crafts

Add Message and Details
You can have your students decide what they want to write or give them a couple of ideas on what message to include on their oven mitt.  Have them write their message and details on their oven mitt with the fabric marker (or puffy 3-D paint).
Grandparent's Day Gifts
Here are some examples:
Grandparent's Day Gift Ideas

Grandparent's Day Gift Ideas

Grandparent's Day Gift Ideas

The message and details on this oven mitt were written with 3-D puffy paint.  This gives you an idea on how 3-D puffy paint looks.
Grandparent's Day Gift Ideas Made by Kids

Don't forget to have your students include their name and the date somewhere on their oven mitt!
Grandparent's Day Presents
Grandparent's Day Presents

That's it!  A simple and cute craft for your students to make for their grandparents!
Grandparent's Day Student Crafts

If you are looking for a cute way for your students to wrap their oven mitt gift check out these gift bag crafts that students can make by clicking HERE!

Grandparent's Day Student Crafts

Grandparent's Day Student Crafts

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