Hello!  I’m Amanda and I am a teacher, blogger, TpT’er, firefighter wife, and mother to three kids.  I’m from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  Growing up I always knew I wanted to be a teacher.  As a young girl I would spend hours in my room “teaching” my stuffed animals.

Deciding what I wanted to major in during college was an easy choice for me.  I graduated from the University of Oklahoma with my bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education in 2006.

While I was in college, I was apart of the Pride of Oklahoma colorguard.  I had a blast being in the Pride and spinning my flag during the half-time shows at the OU football games.

After I graduated college I started teaching in Moore, Oklahoma in the exact same school district that I grew up in.  I was offered a first grade teaching position in the same school that I student taught at.  I took the first grade position and never changed!  Even though first grade is a difficult grade to teach, I love teaching first grade.  It’s amazing watching how much a first grader grows independently and academically in just one year.  Not only that, but I love the curriculum and content that comes with teaching first grade.  It builds the foundation that every child needs.

In 2010, I married my high school sweetheart Nick.  We started dating when I was 16 years old and have been together ever since!  He’s been a firefighter in Norman, Oklahoma for over 15 years and is now a fire captain.

In 2016 we had our first child Landon.  It took over 6 years, many fertility doctors, and multiple fertility treatments to have him.  We were blessed to be able to go to CCRM - The Colorado Center of Reproductive Medicine and see the best infertility doctor, Dr. Schoolcraft, to help us with our journey.  Once I finally got pregnant it was then I decided to take a leave of absence from teaching to stay home with my son.

Then in June of 2020 we had our twin girls, Eva and Ella!

To say that I love creating things for my classroom and other teachers would be an understatement.  If I’m not busy chasing my three kids around then I’m behind my computer working.  Working on my computer is a passion and not a job.

I started this teaching blog in 2011 as a way to share what I was doing in my classroom with other first grade teachers.  I love sharing what I do in my classroom and what I make for my students with other teachers. 

In 2011 I also opened my Teachers Pay Teachers store after one of my teammates suggested I put all the stuff I make on the site. 

I love to connect with teachers not only to share ideas but also to see how they have used my ideas in their own classroom.

Make sure to follow me on Pinterest, Teachers Pay Teachers, Etsy, Instagram, and/or Facebook for more tips and ideas.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to e-mail me at

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Unknown said...

I really love your charts. I am always looking for great charts and I will be checking you out often. I'm not really that creative. I am an older teacher, so I look for fresh ideas to help me reach the younger students.

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