Friday, October 22, 2021

Sight Word Assessments for RTI/Progress Monitoring

After a couple years of trial and error on different assessments and things I could do for my RTI kids I finally found one that was easy to implement and very successful for my RTI students.

Sight Word Assessments

For most of my first grade RTI kids they struggle mainly in the area of reading fluency.  Therefore, the primary focus of their interventions are with sight words.

For each of my RTI kids I assess them once a week (usually on Monday) using these sight word assessments I created.

Sight Word Assessments

Sight Word Assessments

Frys Sight Word Assessments

Sight Word Assessments for Fry Lists

I call them over to my table one-by-one during center time and have them read the words off of the assessment list.
RTI - Progress Monitoring

While they are reading the words off of the list I record how they did on my data sheet.  I record which words they read correctly with a check mark and which words they miss with an X.

RTI - Progress Monitoring

RTI - Progress Monitoring

After giving the assessment I then take five words that they missed on the assessment and create a rapid word recognition chart.

Sight Word Practice

The chart takes those five sight words and mixes them up in a different order on each line.

Sight Word Practice

Rapid Word Recognition Chart

Then during the week I have each of my RTI kids practice that chart with me one-on-one.  I usually pull them at least 3-4 times a week during center time or computer lab time to run through the rapid recognition chart with me.  

Progress Monitoring

I can easily see progress being made each day as they get better and better at reading the words and also faster and faster.

I follow this same routine every week.  Usually by the next assessment the student has mastered those five sight words they had been working on through the week and I add five new words for them to practice after their new assessment.

Through the weekly assessments you are able to see progress as the number of sight words they have mastered increases and increases.

Sight Word Assessments

As they continue to master more and more sight words they can move up to a different set of words.

Sight Word Assessment

Click HERE to download my sight word assessments from my TpT store!

*For my really low students I have letter sound and CVC blending assessments that I created that I follow basically the same routine with.  I only use those assessments on my really low kids that need to master those skills before being able to practice sight words.

I also have these sight word flash cards (that align with the sight word assessments) that I have my students practice with.

Sight Word Flash Cards

Sight Word Flash Cards

These sight word phrases and short sentences flash cards are also great for my students that are a little more advanced.

Sight Word Flash Cards

Sight Word Flash Cards

Tuesday, August 24, 2021


 At the beginning of the school year I make each student their own daily folder, also known as their "Take Home Folder."  I've had a lot of teachers reach out and ask if I can make my daily FOLDERS for daily BINDERS too!  So here they are!

Take Home Folder

Take Home Binder

These binders can be used as a communication devise between home and school.

Daily Take Home Binders

The binders should be brought home every night by the students and returned to school the very next day.  The binders have important information such as school notes, homework, graded work, and monthly classroom newsletters in them.

Parent Teacher Communication Binder

The student's daily behavior can also be noted in their take home binder on the monthly behavior calendar.

Behavior Calendars

I've used these behavior calendars for years!  At the end of each school day I have my students mark either a green, yellow, or red dot on the appropriate date on the calendar.  This dot communicates to their parents the behavior color card they earned that day.  If the color yellow or red is marked on their calendar I write a brief description of the negative behavior they displayed.  The purpose of this is to encourage a discussion between parents and their child over the misbehavior.

Monthly Behavior Calendar

By having the parents sign or initial each night on the behavior calendar this communicates to you that the parents saw their child's take home binder and the information inside of it.

Take Home Binder Basket

Have students take their take home binder home every day and return it to school the very next day.  Any notes from home, money, homework, etc. should be placed in the take home binders so you will receive it - because we all know how sometimes things get lost in a child's backpack. LOL

Take Home Binders

You can have your students turn in their take home binders into a tub each morning.  When they turn them in if you have them place the binders in numerical order it makes it so much easy for you to flip through and see who is at school, who forgot to turn their binder in, etc.

Take Home Binder Labels

Here's a peek inside the take home binders!

Here's the steps on how to put together your very own Take Home Binder:

Step 1:
Use the binders with the clear plastic covers to make your take home binders.  Any size binder will work.  I used a 1/2 inch binder here.
Making a Take Home Binder

Step 2:
Pick from one of my many covers and choose a different clipart character for each of your students.  Add their name, their student number, and your class information to the cover.  Print each cover and laminate it.
Take Home Binder Assembly

Step 3:
Even though the covers go inside the clear plastic covers, laminating them will make them extra durable.  Next, slide the covers inside the clear plastic covers of the binders.
Take Home Binder Covers

Step 4:
If you would like to add additional pockets to your binders add these plastic pocket sleeves in the rings of the binder.  You can purchase these at Wal-Mart.
Daily Binder Labels

Step 5:
Use 1" x 2 5/8" labels to label the behavior calendars and homework pockets.
Take Home Binder Labels

Step 6:
Use 2" x 4" labels for the graded work pocket.
Graded Work Labels
Go over the labels with clear tape to ensure they stay on and do not get damaged.

Step 7:
Place additional important handouts (like school calendars, snack calendars, etc.) in clear plastic sleeves and add them to the rings of the binder.
School Calendar

Step 8:
Choose from the different left and right pocket labels for your binders.  Print, laminate, and cut out the labels.
Left and Right Hand Labels

Take Home Binders Left and Right Hand Labels

Step 9:
Attach the labels to the left and right pockets of the binders by using box tape.
Daily Binder Labels

Step 10: 
Add a pencil pouch to the rings of the take home binders for money, small notes, etc.
Inside a Take Home Binder

*Teacher Tip* - Take the pencil pouches and plastic sleeves out of each student's binder at the end of the school year so you can reuse them year after year.

Step 11:
 Add a behavior calendar to each student's binder.  The monthly behavior calendar can have school events, classroom events, due dates, test dates, etc. on it.  This helps parents easily see what's going on at your school and in your classroom.
Behavior Calendar

Step 12:
Send home these introduction notes the first time you send home the take home binders.  The notes explain what a take home binder is, what is inside the binder, and the guidelines to take care of it.
Take Home Binder Parent Notes

Daily Binder Parent Notes

The binders are then complete and ready to use all year long!
Take Home Binders

Take Home Binders

You can grab everything you need to make your very own Take Home Binders by clicking HERE!

Take Home Binder Covers

Take Home Binder Covers

Also check out my matching classroom labels by clicking HERE!

Personalized Kid Classroom Labels

There are 7 different size labels to choose from!

Classroom Labels for Storage Bins

Use these labels to label your student's desk, book basket, cubby, coat hook, and more!

Grab the Binder and Label BUNDLE HERE!

Thursday, August 5, 2021

Punctuation Anchor Chart - Make Digital Anchor Charts and Print them Poster Size


Punctuation Anchor Chart

As you have probably seen from my past "Anchor Charts" blog post - I'm obsessed with anchor charts.  I have made so many over the years.  I have spent countless hours hand drawing and coloring my anchor charts.  I have often wondered if I could make my anchor charts digitally and then print them out in a large poster size.  It would even be worth it to me if I had to pay to get them printed somewhere so I wouldn't have to handmake them all.  I also could use cute fonts and graphics on my charts if I made them digitally.

WELL I finally figured it out!  I can't believe it took me this long and it was so simple to do.  I could even print my posters at home.

Here's how you do it...

Make digital anchor charts and print them poster size

When you go to FILE - PRINT you will see this box as you normally do.  Under the PAGE SIZING & HANDLING section - select POSTER.  Change the TILE SCALE to 325%.  Finally, press PRINT.

It took me awhile to figure out what tile scale would match my usual anchor chart paper.  This makes it the same width as my usual anchor chart paper, but a little longer.  I wanted to keep the width the same since I know it will fit through a lamination machine.

Punctuation Anchor Chart

The document will print on 12 pages.  Cut and tape the pages together.  Finally laminate the poster so you can reuse and write on them with Expo markers!

You can grab my Punctuation Anchor Chart by clicking HERE!