Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Punctuation Pals - Punctuation Posters

 Punctuation Pal Posters

My old set of homemade punctuation pals that I had hanging in my classroom years ago got a little update today.  I love how they turned out so I decided to share them!

Punctuation Pal Posters

They ended up being so easy to make.  I can't believe I didn't update them sooner. 

Punctuation Poster - Period
Punctuation Poster - Comma
Punctuation Poster - Exclamation Mark
Punctuation Poster - Question Mark
Punctuation Poster - Quotation Marks

I simply printed each punctuation mark on colored paper and added the eyes and speech bubbles to it!

Punctuation Posters - Punctuation Pals

You can grab these cute little guys by clicking HERE!

Friday, July 9, 2021

Using Touch Point Math when Teaching Addition and Subtraction

Over the years I have used different methods when it comes to teaching my first graders how to add and subtract.  My favorite method to use is TouchMath.  I have found students easily become more fluent with their addition and subtraction facts when using the TouchMath method.  

This summer I have been working on teaching my son, Landon how to add.  It was a no brainer that I would use the TouchMath method to teach him with.

Practicing with Touch Points on Numbers

I started by teaching him what the dots on the numbers mean, how many dots each number has, where the dots are located on each number, etc.

Practicing with Touch Points on Numbers

At first all I had him do was practice and memorize the dots on each number.

Practicing with Touch Points on Numbers

One of the fun activities I had him do was add these pom poms to the dots on each number.

Practicing with Touch Points on Numbers

Practicing with Touch Points on Numbers

For the numbers that have the double dots (the black and white dots) I had him add two pom poms next to the double dot.

After he got the dots down for each number it was time to introduce solving an addition problem!

Using Touch Points When Solving Addition Problems

 I made this small 1-9 number line for him to use as a reference tool when solving his problems.

Numbers with Touch Points

Each number has the dots and the steps on how to count the dots written on it.

Numbers with Touching Points

These would also be a great reference tool for your students to use in the classroom!  They are the perfect size to tape on each student's desk.

Touching Points on Numbers

I also made this reference tool for him to use when writing his numbers.

Using Touch Points When Solving Addition Problems

Landon is doing so well with his beginning addition facts and he's only 5TouchMath makes it so easy!

If you haven't checked out the TouchMath method you can read more on what TouchMath is and how to use it in your classroom by visiting their website HERE.

You can also grab these handouts I made for him to use by clicking HERE!

Numbers with Touch Points Handouts and Printables

Thursday, July 1, 2021

Personalized Kid Classroom Labels

Looking for a new and individualized way to label your classroom?  

Check out these personalized kid labels!  

10 Drawer Rolling Cart Labels

The labels come with over 65+ clip art kid characters.  There are 31 boy and 38 girl characters to choose from to match your multicultural classroom.  

Classroom Labels

The labels come in 6 different sizes.  The variety of sizes allows you to label your students' cubby boxes, supply bins, book baskets, coat hooks, and more!

Classroom Magazine Holder Labels

The labels are editable in PowerPoint so all you have to do is simply pick a matching clip art character for each of your students and add their name to the label.  You can pick which font, font size, and color font you want your labels to have.

Classroom Supply Bin Labels

Your students will go crazy when they see their personalized label that looks like them.  

Student Supply Bin Labels

These labels are also great for those younger grades, like Pre-K and Kindergarten kids that can't quite read their classmates' names.

Here's a look at the different size labels and ways you can use them in your classroom!

3 Drawer Sterilite Bins

These labels fit perfectly on the Sterilite 3 drawer paper size bins.

3 Drawer Sterilite Labels

These storage bins are perfect to use as student cubby boxes.

Sterilite 3 Drawer Labels

Simply slide each student's graded work into their drawer.

Sterilite Labels

Circle Labels

These circle labels can be used so many different ways.  They are perfect for book baskets, coat hooks, and more!  They measure 4 x 4 inches.

Circle Classroom Labels

Simply punch a hole at the top of your label and attach it to the book basket using a book ring.

Book Basket Labels

Each student now has their own basket of books.

Student Book Bin Labels

Square Labels

These square labels are 3 x 3 inches and fit perfectly on magazine holders.

Book Holder Labels

These are perfect to use when labeling book bins.

Square Labels

Square Classroom Labels

Book Bin Labels

Small Rectangular Labels

These small rectangular labels fit perfectly inside the Really Good Stuff label holders.

Really Good Stuff Label Holders

Simply slide the label into the label holder.

Supply Bin Labels

These label holders attach perfectly to so many different storage bins.

Really Good Stuff Label Holders

A great way to label supply bins!

Student Supply Basket Labels

Medium Rectangular Labels

These labels are 3.5 x 5.25 inches and work great when labeling book bins.

Classroom Library Labels

Student Book Bin Labels

Rectangular Labels

Rectangular Classroom Labels

10 Drawer Rolling Cart Labels

These labels fit perfectly on the 10 drawer rolling carts.

10 Drawer Rolling Cart Labels

These carts are always great to have in your classroom.  They work for cubby boxes, supplies, and more!

10 Drawer Rolling Cart Labels

Each label also has a spot marked so you know where to punch a hole and insert the drawer knob.

10 Drawer Rolling Cart Labels

Those are just some of the ways you can use these personalized kid labels in your classroom!

Personalized Kid Labels

Your students will love all their personalized bins!

Also check out my personalized take home folders that match these labels!

Take Home Folders

Click HERE to read more about how I setup and use these personalized Take Home Folders in my classroom.

Daily Folders

Click HERE to download my Personalized Kid Labels!

Click HERE to download my Personalized Take Home Folders!

Friday, June 25, 2021

Handprint Calendar – Student Made Calendar for a Parent Christmas Gift

You might think I'm crazy writing a blog post about parent Christmas gifts in June, but it's actually one of my summer time - prep for the next school year - projects.  Let me explain...

There are always so many options when deciding on what you want your students to make and give their parents as a Christmas gift each year.  I always look for something that is cheap, doesn't take up much class time, and is a great keepsake for parents.  These handprint calendars are one of my top favs!  Not only is it a great keepsake but it's something parents can actually use and for a whole year!

Handprint calendars

I actually prep - print - and bind these calendars during the summer.  I do that so they are ready to begin at the beginning of the school year.  All you need is cardstock paper, paint, and binding combs to make these adorable calendars. 

Handprint Calendars Parent Gift Idea

At first look you might think these calendars would be so time consuming to have students make but I have it broken down so it doesn't take up a lot of class time and is a stress-free project.

Here's what I do....

1.  First, during the summer I decide what pages I want to include in my handprint calendar books.  After I decide on the pages I print and bind them together.  I prep these calendars during the summer so they are ready to begin once the beginning of the school year craziness settles down.  Also, by starting these calendars early in the school year you can break it down to a weekly project when you have extra class time.

When picking the pages for my calendars I decide what kind of cover I want them to have.  There are three different cover pages to choose from.
Christmas gifts for parents

There's a cover that has a big blank space so student's can make their own handprint design on the cover.  (I usually have them make a heart handprint on this cover.)

Student made crafts for parent gifts

Then there are two different handprint clipart cover options.  One that has hearts in the middle of the handprints and another that has the calendar year on the handprints.

Student made calendar

(If you don't prep these ahead of time you could totally let your students decide which cover option they would like.)

Parent Gifts

Not only can you have your students color their cover page but they can also add their handprint as well!

Gifts for Parents

2.  Not only do I have to choose which cover page my calendars are going to have but  I also have to decide what handprint crafts I want my students to make for each month.

There are two different handprint poem options for each month.  Here's a look at the different options to choose from for each month:

(Penguin and Snowflake)
Penguin Handprint
Snowflake Handprint

(Valentine, Heart, and Ladybug)
Heart Handprint
Heart Handprint
Ladybug Handprint

(Shamrock and Leprechaun)
Shamrock Handprint
Leprechaun Handprint

(Bunny and Rain)
Bunny Handprint
Umbrella Handprint

(Chick and Tulips)
Chick Handprint
Tulip Handprint

(Butterfly and Strawberry) 
Butterfly Handprint
Strawberry Handprint

(Flag and Watermelon)
Flag Handprint
Watermelon Handprint

(Fish and Sun)
Fish Handprint
Sun Handprint

(Tree and Apple)
Apple Tree Handprint
Apple Handprint

(Pumpkin and Spider)
Pumpkin Handprint
Spider Handprint

(Leaf and Turkey)
Leaf Handprint
Turkey Handprint

(Santa and Snowman)
Santa Handprint
Snowman Handprint

Once I decide what handprints I want my students to make for each month I copy the handprint poem pages and yearly calendars on cardstock paper.  I print them front-to-back so when you open the calendar the poem and handprint are on the top and the calendar is on the bottom.

I also copy these two keepsake pages to add to the back of each student's calendar.
Handprint Poem

This page has The Hands of a Child poem by Amy Ethridge on it.  I have the students add their handprint in the box.

All About Me Student Page

This page is an all about me page the students fill out about themselves.

Handprint Calendar Parent Keepsake
They are a perfect addition to the back of the calendar book.

3.  Once I have all the pages copied I bind the books together.  I use our school's comb binding machine.  If you don't have a binding machine you could use book rings, ribbon, etc.
Printable Handprint Calendar

The 3/8 inch binding combs are the perfect size to use with the calendars.

Handprint Calendar Assembly

4.  Finally it's time to start adding student handprints to the calendar pages!

Handprint Crafts

I use washable tempera paint for the handprints.

To make this calendar project stress free and fast I break the handprints down to about one a week (starting in September).  Each week I pick a day (usually when all the students are there) to make one of the handprints.  I call students up one at a time and paint /stamp their handprint.  I usually do this during quiet classwork time or during center time.  

Once the handprints have dried I give the students their calendar books to add details and finish up the handprint poem page.  This is a good project to have students work on when there is extra class time, when they have finished their work early, etc.

February Calendar

For example, after the handprint dried this student added dots and an antenna to their ladybug.  They also colored the poem page and calendar page.  Some students might even add grass, plants, etc. to their ladybug picture.

Some students might choose to leave the calendar blank or add special dates to it.

Monthly Calendar

I continue this one handprint a week schedule until the calendars are finished.  By starting in September is allows for a couple extra weeks in December to finish up incase we get behind.  
Handprint Calendar Christmas Parent Gift Ideas
By the time the crazy holiday season arrives the calendar gifts are already finished!  All we have to do is wrap them up!

Handprint Calendars Parent Gift

Click HERE to download the pages to make your own handprint calendars!


Canadian poem pages are also included!

Maple Leaf Handprint

Poppy Handprint