Monday, October 17, 2022

Assessment Binders/Assessment Folders

Setting up an organized system for storing your student's assessments and data will save yourself lots of time (and sanity) in the long run. 

Assessment Binder

That’s why I created these assessment binders!

Student Data Binders

Each of my students that are on RSA, being progress monitored, on a RTI plan, etc. have their own personalized assessment binder.

Data Binders

I store all their assessments and data in their own individualized binder.

Assessment Binders

It makes it easy to pull each time I need to document their progress, fill in important documents, etc.

Assessment Binders

I also label the spine of the binder so I can easily see whose binder I'm pulling.

Student Data Binders

If you don't want to create each student their own personalized cover for their assessment binders, you can use these pencil people covers!

Assessment Organization


I've also added covers to make your own Assessment FOLDERS!

Assessment Folders

Simply pick a kid character for each of your students.

Assessment Folders

Type in their name, student number, and student info.

Assessment Folders

Print, laminate, and attach the covers to the plastic folders.  You can attach the covers to the front of the folders by stapling them or using Velcro dots.

Student Data Folders

Store your assessment folders in a basket or bin!

Student Data Folders

Use the pencil people covers to create a standard cover for your assessment folders.

Assessment Organization

Click HERE to download my personalized assessment binder and folder covers from my TpT store!

Assessment Binders and Assessment Folders

Creating an assessment binder or folder will keep you organized come assessment time!

Assessment Binders and Assessment Folders

Looking for the assessments I use in my assessment binders?  Click HERE!

Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Classroom Library Organization

I recently tackled organizing all my book from my classroom library.  After going through and getting rid of all the book in bad shape, duplicates of books, etc. I still had a ton of books to organize.

Classroom Library Organization

I knew I wanted the books organized by reading level, but I just didn't know how I was going to keep them grouped together.  I originally thought I would have book bins for each level, but I quickly realized that I would need a ton of tubs and it would cost me a lot of money to do it that way.

Classroom Library Labels

That's when I decided to just line them up nicely on a bookshelf and add these dividers between each level of books.

Classroom Library Organization

Classroom Library Bookshelf Dividers

I assembled the bookshelf dividers to be double sided so I could see the book levels no matter what side of the bookshelf I was looking from.

Classroom Library Bookshelf Dividers
(front of bookshelf divider)

Classroom Library Bookshelf Dividers
(back of bookshelf divider)

Classroom Library Bookshelf Dividers

To assemble the double-sided dividers, I simply taped the two sides together and then laminated them.
Classroom Library Bookshelf Labels

I used this thick lamination for extra durability.

Classroom Library Bookshelf

I recently added these bookshelf dividers to my TpT store!

Classroom Library Bookshelf Dividers/Markers

I made them in 11 different color choices to match any classroom.

Classroom Library Bookshelf Markers

Available in red, blue, yellow, green, orange, purple, pink, gray, brown, black, and white.

Classroom Library Bookshelf Markers

These are editable in PowerPoint so you can organize your classroom library however you choose.  For example, by reading level, book genre, authors, theme, etc.

Classroom Library Bookshelf Markers

You can also edit them to add your student's names and/or numbers to the dividers to make bookshelf place holders.

Bookshelf Place Holders

These will help keep your classroom library organized when students pick out their books.

Bookshelf Place Holders

 It will also help students reshelve their books with ease.

Bookshelf Place Holders

Grab my Bookshelf Dividers from my TpT store HERE!

Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Personalized Kid Name Tags and Lanyards for Back to School!

Getting ready for Back-to-School means making name tags for students!
Printable Name Tag Labels
I created these personalized kid character labels that I simply adore!  I love them so much I decided to add them to my TpT store!

There are two different versions of the name tags.  Version #1 is made to be printed on adhesive 2 1/3 x 3 3/8 labels. 
Back to School Name Badges

I purchased these labels from Amazon.

Name Tag Adhesive Labels

They are perfect to stick on your student's shirts!

Back to School Student Name Tags

Version #2 is made to be printed and inserted into name tag lanyard necklaces.

Editable Name Tags

The lanyard name tags are 3.75 x 3 inches in size.

Name Tag Lanyards

 They fit perfectly inside my Highlights lanyards I got for free!

Name Badge Lanyards

These name tag lanyards are great if you are looking for a reusable name badge option.

Back to School Name Tag Lanyards

Have your students turn in their name badge at the end of the day so you can reuse them the next day or even on sub days!

Name Tag Lanyard Necklaces

I've done back to school name tags with both adhesive labels and lanyard necklaces before.  Both work great!

Editable Name Tags

These name tags match my kid character theme and go with my Take Home Folders and classroom labels!

Personalized Kid Character Labels and Folders

Take Home Folders and Classroom Labels
Click HERE to download my Personalized Kid Take Home Folders and Labels!

Editable Name Tags for Back to School
Click HERE to download my Personalized Kid Name Tags!

Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Homework Folders

At the beginning of the school year I make each student their own daily folder, also known as their "Take Home Folder."

Take Home Folder

I've had a lot of teachers reach out and ask if I can make my "Take Home Folders" into "Homework Folders."  So here they are!

Homework Folders

This folder works as a great communication devise between home and school!

Personalized Homework Folders

The homework folders should be brought home every night by the students and returned to school the very next day.  The folders have important information such as school notes, notes from home, classroom newsletters, money, homework, graded work, etc. in them.

Homework Folder Notes

The student's daily behavior can also be noted in their homework folder on the monthly behavior calendar.

Behavior Calendars

Behavior Calendars

At the end of each school day you can have your students mark either a green, yellow, or red dot on the appropriate date on the behavior calendar.  This dot communicates to their parents the type of behavior they had that day at school.  If the color yellow or red is marked on their calendar, write a brief description of the negative behavior that student displayed.  The purpose of this is to encourage a discussion between the parents and their child over the misbehavior.

Monthly Behavior Calendar

By having your parents sign or initial each night on the behavior calendar this communicates to you that the parents saw their child's homework folder and the information inside of it.

Homework Folders Tub

Have your students turn their homework folders into a tub each morning.  When they turn them in have them place the folders in numerical order.  This makes it easy for you to flip through and see who is at school, who forgot to turn their folder in, etc.

Homework Folders

Here's a peek inside the homework folders!

Homework Folders

Here's the steps on how to put together your very own Homework Folder:

Step 1:
Use plastic brad folders to make the homework folders.  The plastic folders hold up much better than the paper ones.
Making a Homework Folder

You can find the plastic folders at Walmart or even Amazon!

Step 2:
Pick a cover with a different clipart character for each of your students.  Add their name, their student number, and your class information to the cover.  Print each cover and laminate it.
Making a Homework Folder

**If you don't want to make a personalized cover for each of your students I also have these pencil people covers!**

Homework Folder Covers

Homework Folder Covers
You can make these folders for the girls in your class.

Homework Folder Covers
And these folders for the boys in your class.

Step 3:
Attach the covers to the front of your folders.  You can use staples, tape, Velco dots, etc. to attach the covers.
Homework Folder Covers

Step 4:
Add additional pockets to your folders.  These plastic pocket sleeves can be purchased at Wal-Mart.  Then add them to the brads of the folder.
Homework Daily Folder Labels

Step 5:
Use the 1" x 2 5/8" labels to label the behavior calendars and homework pockets.
Homework Folder Labels

Step 6:
Use the 2" x 4" labels for the graded work pocket.
Graded Work Labels
Go over the labels with clear tape to ensure the labels stay on and do not get damaged.

Step 7:
Place any additional important handouts (like the school calendar) in a clear plastic sleeve and add it to the brads of the folder.
School Calendar

Step 8:
Pick out a left and right pocket label for your folders.  Print, laminate, and cut out the labels.
Left and Right Hand Labels

Homework Folder Labels

Step 9:
Attach the labels to the left and right pockets of the folder by stapling them on.
Homework Daily Folder Labels

*You can also just print the labels on 2x4 labels*

Step 10: 
Add a pencil pouch to the brads of the folders for money, small notes, etc.
Inside a Homework Folder
Don't forget to take the pencil pouches and plastic sleeves out of each student's folder at the end of the school year so you can reuse them year after year.

Step 11:
 Add the behavior calendar to each student's folder.  The monthly behavior calendar can also have school events, classroom events, due dates, test dates, etc. on it as well.  This will help parents easily see what's going on at your school and in your classroom.

Behavior Calendar

Step 12:
Send home these introduction notes the first time you send home the homework folders.  The notes explain what a homework folder is, what is inside the folder, and the guidelines to take care of it.
Homework Folder Parent Notes

Homework Folder Parent Notes

The folders are then complete and ready to use all year long!

Homework Folder Personalized Covers

You can grab everything you need to make your own Homework Folders by clicking HERE!

Homework Folder Personalized Covers

Also check out the matching classroom labels by clicking HERE!

Personalized Kid Classroom Labels

There are 7 different size labels to choose from!

Classroom Labels for Storage Bins