Monday, December 5, 2022

Play-Doh Student Christmas Gift

Are you looking for a simple and cheap Christmas or Holiday gift to give to your students before Winter Break?  These Play-Doh gift tags make the perfect class gift!
Play-Doh Gift or Party Favor

There are FIVE different versions of the Play-Doh gift tags to choose from.

Play-Doh Gift Tag

Pick and choose from a “Merry Christmas” message with a Santa or Elf image…

Playdough Gift Tags

OR choose from a “Happy Holidays” message with a Reindeer, Bear, or Snowman image.

Playdoh Gifts for Students

Each gift tag prints 4 to a page.

Assembly Instructions:

1.)  Simply download the file HERE and print these gift tags on cardstock paper.

Student Gift Ideas

2.)  Fill in the To:/From: on each card.

Student Christmas Gifts

3.)  Next, cut out the circle nose on each card.

Play-Doh Student Gift

Christmas Gifts for Students

4.)  Finally, place a small/mini 1 oz. Play-Doh tub through the hole.

Class Christmas Gifts

Play-Doh Printable

Christmas Gifts for Class

Holiday Gifts for Students

You can find the fun size Play-Doh tubs at Wal-mart, Target, or even Amazon.

Playdough Gifts or Party Favors

I also found these Silly Scent doughs in the Dollar section of Target.

Playdough Gifts or Party Favors

They were $3.00 for the pack.

Printables for Playdoh Gifts

They also fit perfectly inside the circle nose.

Kid Christmas Gifts

5.)  Your student gifts are now ready to give out!

Kid Christmas Party Favors

Christmas Party Favors for Kids

Santa Play-Doh Card

Play-Doh Printable Card

These printable Play-Doh cards also make wonderful kid party favors for Christmas and/or Holiday parties!

Holiday Gifts for Students

These are great to give your students year after year!

Student Gift Ideas for Christmas

Student Gift Ideas for the Holidays

Download these Play-Doh gift tags HERE on my TpT store! 

Holiday Gift Tag for Play-Doh Student Gift

Thursday, December 1, 2022

Christmas Gift for Teachers!

Looking for a Christmas gift for your child's teacher?  These gift card holders make the perfect Christmas gift for teachers!

Teacher Christmas Gift Idea

Print the gift card tags HERE and simply attach any gift card to it!

Teacher Gift Ideas

Gift Ideas for Teachers

These gift card holders are so easy to make for teachers:

Christmas Gifts for Teachers

Simply print these gift card tags on cardstock paper and tape any restaurant or store gift card to the tag.

Gift Card Holders for Teachers

Your gift is now ready to give to a teacher!

There are two versions of the tag options.

Christmas Gifts for Teachers

Version #1 has a snowflake border.

Teacher Christmas Gifts

Version #2 has a plaid border.

Teacher Christmas Gifts

Gifts for Teachers

Grab these gift card tags from my TpT store or my Etsy shop!

Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Handprint Snowman Ornament - Great Student Made Gift for a Parent Christmas Gift!

Looking for a cute and inexpensive gift for your students to make for their parents for a Christmas gift?

Handprint Snowman Ornament

These handprint snowman ornaments are fast and simple to make and are a great keepsake for parents!

Snowman Ornament Craft

Here are the steps on how to make these snowman handprint ornaments:

Step 1:
For this craft you will need a class set of blue Christmas bulbs, white Tempera paint, ribbon, ornament hooks, Sharpies in different colors, a hole punch, scissors, and the printable Snowman poems (found HERE).
Christmas Ornament Craft for Students to Make

Step 2:
First, write each of your students names on a Christmas bulb with a black Sharpie.  I like to write the name around the top of the bulb on one side.  I then write the year on the top of the opposite side.
Christmas Ornament Craft for Students to Make

Step 3:
Next, have each of your students dip their hand in white Tempera paint or paint their hand white with a paintbrush. 
Handprint Ornament

Step 4:
Have each student open their hand and place the bulb into the palm of their hand.  Have them carefully grip the bulb tightly.  Help press each finger down to ensure the handprint gets clearly made.
Snowman Handprint Ornament

Step 5:
Once the handprint has been made, place the bulb back in the tray top down.  Allow the paint to completely dry before moving on to the next step.
Parent Ornament Gifts

Step 6:
Once the white paint has dried have your students use different colored Sharpies to create a snowman out of each finger.  They will need to draw eyes, a nose, mouth, hat, scarf, buttons, arms, etc. on each one of their fingers.
Student Make Parent Ornament Gift

Step 7:
Print the Snowman poems on white cardstock paper.  Choose from the color version or the black and white version.  If using the black and white version, have your students color the snowman picture however they would like using fine tip markers.
Student Make Parent Ornament Gift

Step 8:
Laminate the poems for extra durability.  Then, cut them out and add a hole punch at the top.
Handprint Snowman Poem

Step 9:
Using 3/8 inch ribbon, cut an 18-inch strip.  Place it through the top ring of the bulb and then tie a pretty bow.  Cut the ends of the ribbon at an angle.
Handprint Snowman Ornament

Step 10:
Using 1/4-inch ribbon, cut a strip about 4.5 inches in length.  Place it through the ring of the bulb and the hole punch of the snowman poem.  Tie it into a double knot and cut off any extra ribbon.
Handprint Snowman Ornament and Poem

Step 11:
Finally attach an ornament hook.
Handprint Snowman Ornament and Poem

The ornament is now complete!

These ornaments turn out so cute and are a sweet keepsake parents can put on the Christmas tree each year!

Step 12:
Have your students wrap their ornament.
Christmas Gifts for Parents - Student Craft
You can grab this printable Snowman gift bag HERE!

Now your parent gifts are ready to send home!

Snowman Handprint Ornament Craft and Poem
You can grab the printables and teacher instructions on how to make this craft HERE!

Monday, October 17, 2022

Assessment Binders/Assessment Folders

Setting up an organized system for storing your student's assessments and data will save yourself lots of time (and sanity) in the long run. 

Assessment Binder

That’s why I created these assessment binders!

Student Data Binders

Each of my students that are on RSA, being progress monitored, on a RTI plan, etc. have their own personalized assessment binder.

Data Binders

I store all their assessments and data in their own individualized binder.

Assessment Binders

It makes it easy to pull each time I need to document their progress, fill in important documents, etc.

Assessment Binders

I also label the spine of the binder so I can easily see whose binder I'm pulling.

Student Data Binders

If you don't want to create each student their own personalized cover for their assessment binders, you can use these pencil people covers!

Assessment Organization


I've also added covers to make your own Assessment FOLDERS!

Assessment Folders

Simply pick a kid character for each of your students.

Assessment Folders

Type in their name, student number, and student info.

Assessment Folders

Print, laminate, and attach the covers to the plastic folders.  You can attach the covers to the front of the folders by stapling them or using Velcro dots.

Student Data Folders

Store your assessment folders in a basket or bin!

Student Data Folders

Use the pencil people covers to create a standard cover for your assessment folders.

Assessment Organization

Click HERE to download my personalized assessment binder and folder covers from my TpT store!

Assessment Binders and Assessment Folders

Creating an assessment binder or folder will keep you organized come assessment time!

Assessment Binders and Assessment Folders

Looking for the assessments I use in my assessment binders?  Click HERE!