Monday, November 13, 2023

Ugly Christmas Sweater Ornament {Student Made Parent Gift}

Looking for a cute, funny, and inexpensive gift for your students to make for their parents for a Christmas gift?

Ugly Sweater Christmas Ornament

These ugly Christmas sweater ornaments are fast and simple to make and are a great keepsake for parents!

Ugly Christmas Sweater Craft

Here are the steps on how to make these ugly Christmas sweater ornaments:

Step 1:

Christmas Crafts for Students
For this craft you will need multiple craft items for your students to decorate their ugly Christmas sweaters with.  This might include gemstones, stickers, mini jingle bells, sequins, pom pom balls, etc.

Step 2:
Student Picture Ornament
First, take pictures of each of your students.  When taking the picture make sure each student is looking straight ahead.  Also, make sure to include their neck in the picture.

Step 3:
Student Made Ornament
Add each student’s picture to this PowerPoint presentation.  Crop the student’s photo where just their head and neck are in the picture.  *Make sure to keep some of their neck in the picture – this is very important when placing the picture on each sweater template.

Step 4:
Student Crafts for Christmas
Resize the cropped picture to about 2.65 inches in height.  Each student picture should fit inside one of the boxes.  Once you have all your students’ pictures placed in the boxes, save this PowerPoint as a PDF and print the picture page.  Laminate and cut out each picture.  Make sure to leave the neck in each picture!

Step 5:
Ugly Christmas Sweaters Ornament Templates
Next, print the different sweater templates on cardstock paper.  I like to use red, dark green, light green, and white colored cardstock paper.
Then, cut out each sweater.

Step 6:
Student Picture Christmas Ornament
Tape each student’s head on one of the sweaters.  
Student Picture Christmas Ornament
I add a piece of tape on the back to place it in the correct spot.  Then, I add a larger piece of box tape to the back to secure the picture.
Student Picture Christmas Ornament

Step 7:
Christmas Craft Ideas
Then, using all the miscellaneous craft supplies have your students decorate their ugly Christmas sweater. 
Christmas Craft Ideas for Kids
They can color with markers, add stickers, use miscellaneous craft supplies, etc.
Student Made Christmas Ornament

Step 8:
Home Made Christmas Ornaments
Using the price tag template, type in each student’s information.  Print the tags on cardstock paper and cut them out.  
Students can color their price tag if they would like.

Step 9:
Student Picture Ornaments
Have your students attach their price tag to their sweater.  I like to have them place the price tag on the sleeve of their sweater.  
Ugly Christmas Sweater Ornaments
Attach a small ribbon on top of the price tag if you would like.

Step 10:
Ugly Christmas Sweater Ornament Craft
Finally, attach a piece of ribbon or string from shoulder to shoulder of the sweater.  You can glue the ribbon or use hot glue for extra durability.  I also like to tie a ribbon bow to the top of the string as well.

Step 11:
Classroom Crafts for Christmas
The ornament is now complete!

These ornaments turn out so cute and are a sweet keepsake parents can put on the Christmas tree each year!

Step 12:
Wrapping Student Made Gifts
Have your students wrap their ornament.  You can grab this printable Snowman gift bag HERE!

Snowman Gift Bags
Now your parent gifts are ready to send home!

Additional Ideas:
Sweater Ornament
Another fun spin to this craft is to have your students use paperclips to make hangers for their ugly Christmas sweaters.
Paperclip Hangers

Paperclip Hangers
Simply bend the paperclip three times (like shown above) to create the hanger.  
Paperclip Hangers
Then, glue the hangers on the back of each sweater.
Ugly Christmas Sweater Ornament Student Craft
This is good to do if you don’t have time or don’t want to take each student’s picture.
Christmas Ornaments Students Make
Here’s an example of how the ornaments turn out with a hanger instead of a student picture.  Both versions turn out super cute!
Ugly Christmas Sweater Ornaments Students Make
You can also attach the sweaters to a string using these small clothespins.
Ugly Christmas Sweater Ornaments Students Make
I found these clothespins at Hobby Lobby.

Ugly Christmas Sweater Ornament Parent Gift
Grab everything you need to make the Ugly Christmas Sweater Ornaments HERE!

Student Made Gift BagStudent Made Gift Bag

Grab the printable snowman gift bags HERE!


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