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Division Timed Tests and Rewards

After seeing my Multiplication Timed Test Program, I've had multiple teachers reach out to me for a Division Timed Test Program that is just like it.  My goal was to get it finished this summer - so here it is!

Division Assessments

Not only does this program practice and assess fact fluency, but it also motivates students through rewards and recognition along the way.

Division Timed Test Program

Here’s how to setup and use my Division Timed Test program in your classroom:

Full Page Division Tests

First, decide if you would like to use the full page or half page timed tests.
Half Page Division Tests

If you choose the half page option, you can use brochure holders to display your tests in for a neat and streamlined setup.  It will keep your tests organized and make it easy for your students to find and grab their test papers.

Math Fact Fluency Tests for Division

I purchased my brochure holders from Amazon.  You can find them here:

Minute Math Tests for Division

You can choose to print your tests on either white or colored paper.

Fast Facts for Division

Minute Math for Division

Color coding the papers can also help students quickly identify their test.  

Division Practice

Decide on a time limit you would like to set for your division timed tests.  The common time limit is one minute, but you can adjust that based on the age and skill level of your students.

Division Practice Tests

Not only does this program include timed tests for facts 1-12, but it also includes two mixed division assessments.  Decide if you would like to assess your students on just facts 1-12 or if you would like to also include mixed division facts for your program.

Division Tests

Choose how often you would like to give these timed tests in your classroom.  For example: daily, weekly, every other day, etc.  Most teachers like to give the tests 2-3 times a week.

Division Parent Note for Math Fact Fluency

Before you start the program, send home this parent note.  It will explain how the program works and ways parents can help their child improve their fact fluency at home.

Timed Tests - Division

To begin the program, have every student start with the #1 division test.  When taking the timed tests, I have my students put their name on their test and then turn their test face down on their desk.  This will help prevent those “early starters.”

Set your timer.  When you say, “Go!” have your students flip over their test and begin working.  When the timer goes off have them immediately flip their test back over and turn their papers in.  This will help prevent those kids who continue to work even after the timer goes off.

Division Activities

Using the answer keys provided, grade each student’s test.
Division Assessments

These printable answer keys make grading the tests quick and easy.  

Math Fact Fluency Tests for Division

If you print your division timed tests on colored paper, I recommend using the same colors for the answer keys.  This will simplify pairing each test with its corresponding answer key.

Division Answer Keys

Division Assessments

You can laminate your answer keys to make them more durable or place them in clear plastic sleeves and organize them in a binder or folder.

Math Fact Tests for Division

Division Practice Tests

While grading the tests, when a student passes the math fact test, you will highlight, “next test” that is located by the score box.  If the student does not pass their math fact test, you will highlight, “try again.”

Division Teacher Recording Page

When a student passes a test, mark an X on the Teacher Recording Sheet in the box of the math fact test they passed.  This will help you keep a running record on how each student is doing.

When you give the timed test again, any students that passed their test will move on to the next math fact level.  Any student that did not pass, will try again on their current math fact level.

Math Fluency Rewards

Brag Tags for Division

When a student passes a level, give them the corresponding reward tag. 

Rewards for Division Tests

Brag Tags for Division Math Fact Fluency Tests

Each reward tag has a cute riddle!  

Division Brag Tags for Minute Tests

Rewards for Math Tests

A book ring is a great way to help students keep their tags organized and attached together.  

Brag Tags for Math

Kids LOVE earning these reward tags!

Math Facts Bulletin Board

Another fun thing I included in my division timed test program is a math fact fluency wall display.  It’s so simple to setup!  

Astrobrights Paper

All you have to do is copy the letters and numbers on different colored paper, laminate and cut them out, then attach them to your bulletin board.

Here is the colored paper I used:

Math Bulletin Boards

Each time a student successfully passes a division math fact test, have them sign their name with a Sharpie on the corresponding number located on the bulletin board.  

Math Bulletin Board for Facts

This not only helps track each student's progress, but it also helps celebrate and recognize their achievements along the way.  

Math Bulletin Board Ideas

This math fact bulletin board is a fun and interactive way to motivate students to improve their math fact skills.  It can also create a heathy sense of competition among students.


Be sure to hang or place your division timed tests near your bulletin board for easy access.

Math Reward Certificates for Division

Have each student continue working at their own level and pace until they complete all the facts in the division timed test program.  Once a student has passed all the division timed tests, they will earn the Math Fact Master Certificate!

Students can track their own progress using any one of the four tracking sheets.

Division Student Tracking Graph Sheet

Tracking Graph Sheet:  Each student can fill out their own tracking sheet, simply by writing the number of division facts they have correctly answered on their test in the appropriate box on the chart.  If the student has passed the test, they will color in the box green; otherwise, they will color it red.  

Tracking Sheet for Math Facts

This tracking sheet serves as a great visual, which can be shared with parents during parent-teacher conferences, highlighting how their child is performing on their tests and how many attempts were required to pass each test.  

Color Sheet for Math Facts

Math Facts Recording Pages

Color Sheet:  Students will simply color in each number once they have passed the corresponding math fact test, making it easy for them to keep track of which tests they have passed, and which test they are currently working on.

Sticker Rewards for Math Fact Tests

Math Facts Sticker Chart

Sticker Chart:  To use these sticker charts, simply print them on cardstock paper and give one to each student.  

Math Facts Sticker Chart

Once a student has passed a math fact test, reward them with a sticker and have them write the date they passed the test on their score card.  This helps students track their progress AND the time it takes for them to pass each test.

Math Facts Punch Card

Punch Card for Math Facts

Punch Cards:  Simply print the punch cards on colored paper and laminate them for extra durability.  When a student passes a math fact test, they will receive a punch on their card.  You can use a regular hole punch or you can purchase one with a fun punch design such as a star or heart.  When a student has received all the required punches, they will be rewarded with a special prize for reaching the star box!

Division Timed Test Rewards

Math Fact Fluency Timed Test Rewards

These star hole punches were purchased at Hobby Lobby. 

Division Timed Test Assessments

This division timed test program is an excellent resource for any teacher looking to improve their students’ math fact fluency.

Math Fact Timed Test Program for Division

Division Practice and Assessments

Everything you need is in a simple print-and-use download!  You can find it HERE!

Division Tests


This file has been updated to now include different versions of the tests!

Division Timed Tests

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