Monday, December 5, 2022

Play-Doh Student Christmas Gift

Are you looking for a simple and cheap Christmas or Holiday gift to give to your students before Winter Break?  These Play-Doh gift tags make the perfect class gift!
Play-Doh Gift or Party Favor

There are FIVE different versions of the Play-Doh gift tags to choose from.

Play-Doh Gift Tag

Pick and choose from a “Merry Christmas” message with a Santa or Elf image…

Playdough Gift Tags

OR choose from a “Happy Holidays” message with a Reindeer, Bear, or Snowman image.

Playdoh Gifts for Students

Each gift tag prints 4 to a page.

Assembly Instructions:

1.)  Simply download the file HERE and print these gift tags on cardstock paper.

Student Gift Ideas

2.)  Fill in the To:/From: on each card.

Student Christmas Gifts

3.)  Next, cut out the circle nose on each card.

Play-Doh Student Gift

Christmas Gifts for Students

4.)  Finally, place a small/mini 1 oz. Play-Doh tub through the hole.

Class Christmas Gifts

Play-Doh Printable

Christmas Gifts for Class

Holiday Gifts for Students

You can find the fun size Play-Doh tubs at Wal-mart, Target, or even Amazon.

Playdough Gifts or Party Favors

I also found these Silly Scent doughs in the Dollar section of Target.

Playdough Gifts or Party Favors

They were $3.00 for the pack.

Printables for Playdoh Gifts

They also fit perfectly inside the circle nose.

Kid Christmas Gifts

5.)  Your student gifts are now ready to give out!

Kid Christmas Party Favors

Christmas Party Favors for Kids

Santa Play-Doh Card

Play-Doh Printable Card

These printable Play-Doh cards also make wonderful kid party favors for Christmas and/or Holiday parties!

Holiday Gifts for Students

These are great to give your students year after year!

Student Gift Ideas for Christmas

Student Gift Ideas for the Holidays

Download these Play-Doh gift tags HERE on my TpT store! 

Holiday Gift Tag for Play-Doh Student Gift


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