Tuesday, October 9, 2018


If you classroom is anything like mine, at the end of the day a handful of lost crayons can be found scattered around our classroom floor.  Finding the students they belong to would take forever!  That's when I decided it was time for a crayon management system in my classroom!

To create a system and organize those lost crayons I decided it was time to invest in some Sterilite 3-drawer storage bins.  I LOVE these bins!  I have tons of them and use them for multiple reasons in my classroom.  They come in different sizes and colors.

I decided to purchase the small size Sterilite drawers so I could have each color crayon labeled and in a drawer of it's own.  Here is what my drawers look like now!

When a student finds a crayon on the floor they just simply walk over to the bins and place the crayon in the correct color drawer.

Your crayon inventory quickly begins to add up!

I also have a drawer for broken crayons.  I like to keep the broken crayons as well because they are great for students to use when coloring large blank spaces.  They simply take the paper off of the crayon and color by turning the crayon on its side.

No more random crayons and wondering what to do with them anymore!

Having this system in place also makes it easy for students who need a certain color crayon.  They no longer have to waste time searching for the crayon or disturb other students as they ask to borrow their crayons.  Now my students can just simply walk over to the bins and get the crayon they need!

I've had a lot of teacher ask for these labels so I've added them to my TpT store!  I've also made them in 2 size options.  You can place them on the medium or small size Sterilite drawers!

Here is a look at the two different size options.

This is the difference between the medium and small size drawers.  Pick the drawer size that fits your classroom needs!

Click HERE to download the labels from my TpT store!


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