Saturday, October 14, 2017

Poetry Unit

I like to spend a couple weeks each year teaching my students about poetry.  We do a number of fun activities in addition to reading and writing different poems.  We have a poetry battle, rank poetry, make a poetry journal, and much more! 

Here is a look into my poetry unit....

To kick off my poetry unit I have my students each complete this KWL Chart about Poetry.

We then discuss what poetry is, what a poet's purpose is, what poems can have, etc.  I use and display these posters during my unit!

Over the years I have found poems that are great for young children to listen to.  Instead of having multiple books that I have to search through to find the poem I want to read, I have typed the poems on individual pages and compiled them together.

Each day I choose two different poems to read to my class.  After reading the two poems, my students each vote on which poem they liked the best.  We fill in the Poetry Battle bracket together.  By the end of my poetry unit my class has found their all-time favorite poem (which is usually Brod Bager's poem Booger Love)!

I also like for my students to fill out the Ranking Poetry page after listening to a poem.  I like for them to fill these out after listening to poems that have the different parts of figurative language in them that we have learned about.

Here are some of the different figurative language topics that I cover during my poetry unit.  Each poster has the term, definition, and example.

If you are looking for Figurative Language Posters click HERE to download my 23 Figurative Language Posters from my TpT Store!

Each student makes their own Poetry Journal throughout my unit.  They choose the cover of their journal.  They color, cut, and glue it on the top of a brad folder.  Each poem the student writes gets hole-punched and added to their folder!

Each student also fills out the "About the Poet" page and adds it as the first page to their poetry journal.

Here's a look at the different poems we learn about and write throughout the unit.  I usually pick one poem a day to teach and have the students write during our allotted writing time.

Word Picture Poem
Who, What, When, Where, Why Poem 
Triplet Poem 
Shape Poem 
Quatrain Poem 
List Poem 

Limerick Poem 

-ing Poem 

I'm So Smart Poem 

Important Poem 

If It Weren't For You Poem 

If I Were...Poem 

I Wish...Poem 

I Like...Poem 

I Am Poem 

Holiday Poem 

Haiku Poem 

Free Verse Poem 

Diamante Poem 

Couplet Poem 

Color Poem 

Cinquain Poem 
Bio Poem 
Alphabet Alliteration Poem 

Adjective Poem 

5 Senses Poem 

2-Worder Poem 
Acrostic Poem 

By the end of the unit each student has a wonderful collection of poetry they have written.  I slip a parent note in the first pocket of the folder and send each student's poetry journal home.  The parent note tells the parents all the wonderful things we learned during our poetry unit and invites them to sit down with their child and read each poem their child has written.

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  1. Do you have the poems that you use for the Poetry battle bracket available to download/purchase? Are they different genres of poems that match each poem that is taught within this unit, or just any assortment of poems?

  2. I don't have poems available to download or purchase for the poetry battle. I use poems that I have found and love over the years. Shel Silverstein, Brod Bagert, Bruce Lansky, and Jack Prelutsky poems are my favorite. Definitely check them out. They have books of poems that I pull from.

    I list a couple poems that I pair with a specific poem type. However, I mostly read the example poem and go through the poem parts when introducing each poem.

  3. LOVE YOUR UNIT!!! I'm wondering if you teach the poems in any particular order - as far as complexity, ease of writing, etc. Do you cover all of these poems in 10 days?

    1. Thank you! I don't have a specific order I teach the poems in. I usually pick about 12-14 of my favorite poems and have my first graders complete those poems.

  4. One other question - do you identify, for each poem, which example(s) of figurative language they represent? Thanks!

  5. Do you have this available for upper elementary level?

    1. No, sorry I don’t have a version for upper elementary. Are you looking for the same poem templates but without the clip art?