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Skip Counting by 10's, 5's, and 2's

After my students have mastered counting by 1's to 120 we move on to skip counting.  I break skip counting down into four parts.  I teach skip counting by 10's first (since it's usually the easiest for the students to catch on to).  Next, I teach skip counting by 5's.  Then, I teach skip counting by 2's.  This one is usually the hardest for the students so I spend a couple more days on this lesson than the others.  Finally, I mix things up and have the students practice all three skip counting patterns together.  This skip counting unit usually takes me between 2-3 weeks to teach.
My skip counting unit consists of Smartboard slides and activities to aid in the teaching of the concepts, whole-group and/or small-group activities, math centers, and multiple worksheet pages to help practice the concepts.
Here is a look into my Skip Counting by 10's, 5's, and 2's math unit...
We start the unit off with these Smartboard slides to discuss what skip counting is, why it's important to know, and when we would use it.
During the unit we use this counting mat to practice skip counting together. We start and stop at the different symbols to practice counting in different ways.  I have these counting mats copied front-to-back and laminated so I can reuse them year after year!  I also have a version on the Smartboard too that we can do together on the carpet if I don't want to get out the counting mats.
Smartboard Slides...
For a resource tool for the students to use during the unit I have them color code the small 120 chart.  For example, they will color all the numbers they say when they skip count by 2's red.  Then, they will glue the chart in their math journal so they can refer to it if they need to.  You could even tape the charts on their desk.
We color code an example on the Smartboard as well.
It can get boring for the students to practice skip counting everyday.  So to change it up and make it a little more interesting we choose one of these movement cards.  While we skip count we do the movement.  The kids love this activity!
Sometimes we select which movement card we want to do on the Smartboard.
During each skip counting lesson I like to include a game of "I have...Who has.."  This game is super easy for the kids to play.  I have a version for 10's, 5's, and 2's.
I also like to have the students play a "Number Scoot" game with each skip counting lesson.  I place a card on each student's desk.  The students walk around the room and decide which number is missing in the skip counting pattern and fill it in on their recording sheet.  After everyone has finished we go through them together to check their answers.
Before we play the game I like to do some examples on the Smartboard together.

While I am teaching the different skip counting patterns I like to use these Smartboard lessons and worksheets to help me during my lesson and to provide some fun practice opportunities.
Skip Counting by 10's
Skip Counting by 5's
Skip Counting by 2's
When we have finished learning the three different skip counting patterns I like to then mix it up and have them practice all three together.  We use this Smartboard activity.  The students spin the blue cube to see what we are going to count by.
I also like to include some story problems with my skip counting unit!
Here are some of the mixed practice worksheet pages I have the students complete.
These are also some great read aloud books to use during this unit.
Math Centers
During this unit my math centers consist of activities that practice the different skip counting patterns.  I love centers that provide great practice opportunities but without a bunch of paperwork.  It makes setting up your centers so much easier and saves on paper as well!  Here is a look into my skip counting math centers.
At the skip counting puzzle center the students put together the different puzzles.  Knowing the skip counting pattern will make putting the puzzles together fast and easy!
Here the students use skip counting to put the pictures together.
The students build the ice cream by skip counting by 10's.
At this center the students put the lily pads in order.  Once the lily pads are in order the students can use the frog to jump from lily pad to lily pad as they skip count by 5's.
The students build a large ladder as they skip count by 2's.
At the secret message center the students figure out the skip counting pattern.  Once they have put the numbers in order the letters form a message.
At this center the students decide what the missing number is and writes it on their recording sheet.
At this center the students have to write the four numbers that come next in the skip counting pattern.
At the counting booklet center the students can build different skip counting booklets.  They can continue to add pages to their booklet as they fill in the grid.  They love seeing how far they can count and how many pages they can add to their book!
At the "Counting Puzzles" center the students must decide what the skip counting pattern is and what number comes next to complete the puzzle.
At the "Clip Your Answer" math center the students use clothes pins to clip on top of the correct answer.
To end the unit I have the students complete various assessment pages.  I use these assessment pages to help me fill in progress reports and/or report cards!
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