Friday, January 27, 2012

100th Day Activities!

We have been doing many different 100th day activities this week to celebrate the 100th day of school!  Here are a couple activities we have done this week:

100 Piece Snack: The students used their sorting mats to help them count out 100 pieces for their snack.

100 Grid: The students colored in the numbers I called out on their number grid.  After I finished calling out the numbers in random order – it formed a 100 on their piece of paper.

100 Roll and Add: The students rolled a die and continued to add the numbers together until they reached the sum of 100.

100 Fruit Loop Necklace: The students used their sorting mats to help them count out 100 Fruit Loops.  Then they strung them onto a piece of yarn to make a necklace.  Some students strung them in a pattern.

100 Trading: Each student brought a bag filled with 100 of the same items.  Then, all of first grade got together and traded.  Each student traded one item of theirs for one item of another student.  By the end of the trading each student had their bag filled with 100 different items. 

This is the note and bag that went home with each student about the 100th Day Trading. 


Here are some examples of what some students brought to trade.

100th Day FREE Center Ideas!

100 Link Chain: I cut strips of construction paper that were numbered from 1 to 100. The students worked together in groups to string their chain from the number 1 to 100.


100 Piece Puzzle: The students worked together to put together a 100 piece puzzle. The puzzle was a picture of a 100 dollar bill.

100 Structure: The students used 100 cups to build a structure.
100 Piece Train: The students used the 100 items to build a train.  They compared the length of each train and talked about why one train was longer/shorter than the other trains.
100 Estimation: The students guessed which container was filled with 100 things.  After the students made their guess they counted the items to check their guess!
Fun Snacks on the 100th Day of School!
I passed out these fun snacks on the 100th Day of School!

Click HERE to download my 100th Day of School packet on TpT!


  1. Where did you purchase the $100 dollar bill puzzle? I'd love to get one for my class.
    Thank you>\

  2. *LOVE* the 100th day trading of items! FUN! :)


  3. Who is the manufacture of the $100 puzzle? It's super cute and I would love for my students to build the puzzle on our 100th Day of School!

  4. I love the 100th day activities. Are these activities done at home and on the 100th day, students take their projects to school? What about the group activity "link train", what time frame are students expected to complete this activity during school?

    1. Thank you! I have the students complete all the activities during class time. They love it!