Thursday, October 8, 2015

Parent/Teacher Conference Folders

So I have been on a mission to turn my large stash of plastic folders into something useful I can use year after year.
I decided it would be nice to have a folder for each student that has all the paperwork, copies, etc. that I plan to go over or handout at my parent/teacher conferences.  I made a folder for each student and put their student number in the upper right hand corner.  This will help me keep each student's paperwork organized together.  I won't be giving the folders to the parents.  It will simply just hold all the paperwork that I need during my conference.  So I will be able to use these folders year after year!
Here is what the inside of the folder looks like.  The right side of the folder will hold all the materials I plan to discuss at the conference.  I always like to give my parents copies of the things I talk about during conferences.  So the left pocket will hold all the copies I will give the parents after their conference. 
Here is how my folders are numbered.
Click HERE to download my Parent/Teacher Conference Folder from my TpT Store!
For more information on the paperwork I have for parent/teacher conferences click HERE to read my blog post!
Here are some additional folders I've come up with and made so far. 
I have an "Absent Folder" for missed work when a student is absent. 
An "Unfinished Work Folder" for students that have multiple pages of unfinished work in their desk.  The folder gets sent home with the student with their unfinished work to complete as homework.
The "Welcome Back to School Folder" is what I put all the forms and handouts in for Open House.  I place this folder on each student's desk during Open House.
Here is a peek inside each folder.
Click HERE to download my Absent Folder!
Click HERE to download my Unfinished Work Folder!
Click HERE to download my Welcome Back to School Folder!
OR click HERE to make your own Take Home Folders!


  1. Can you make a take home folder cover using the same design as the parent teacher conference folder?? I'll pay for it of course :)))

  2. Hi, these are really cute! Did you have a plastic pouch on these folders or did you just stick the front cover on? If so what did you use to keep it on there effectively?
    Thank you!

    1. Thank you! I just laminated the cover and stuck it on the front of a plastic folder using sticky Velcro dots.