Friday, September 11, 2015

Substitute Plans

Writing sub plans is the worse thing ever!  Sometimes I feel it's just easier to be at work when you are sick than to plan for a sub.  I always end up typing up pages and pages - easily 1500 words in a document for what the sub is to do while I am gone.  I always feel like I am back in college writing an essay for class.  This year I decided to change the way I do my substitute plans in an effort to make it easier anytime I need to be gone.  I created a document where I have individual text boxes for each activity.  My schedule usually stays pretty close to the same -even when I am gone.  So I will only have to make a slight change in some of the boxes for the activity for that day.  I can also easily move text boxes around if I need to slightly change the order for the day.  By doing my sub plans this way I cut how many pages I usually write for sub plans in half. 
Here are some pictures of what my sub plans look like now.

Click HERE to download my Editable Substitute Plans from my TpT Store!

When I have a substitute I always try to have her teach or lead the class in a couple lessons that day.  I always get feedback from my subs saying they like being able to teach instead of just passing out worksheets all day.  I also feel like if the sub is leading lessons and activities the students will respect the sub a little more.  If I know I am going to be gone I always let my students know and we go over the Sub Rule Anchor Chart as a class.  



  1. Hi Amanda! What a gift you are for your subs and your students. You make things crystal clear and organized. As a former sub, and a present teacher (20 years now) I can sure appreciate this layout. Are you willing to share the document as something that can be edited. I love it!
    Julie first grade Cambria Grammar School California

    1. Sure! I added a link to my editable substitute plans on my TpT store. Thank you so much! :)

  2. I like this a lot. I'm trying to vision how I could use this.