Saturday, April 28, 2012

Storing and Displaying Anchor Charts

To keep the anchor charts that I have been teaching out on display I have added a space in the back of my classroom to display them.  I have hot glued clothes pins to the wall so I can easily clip them up and change them out to keep them on display.

Since I have started to make more and more anchor charts I had to think of a way to store them. I have used hooks and hangers to hang them up.  I also printed out labels to easily find the charts I am looking for.


  1. What a great idea, Amanda!!! I am going to try this out. You look very organized!!!
    Connie :)

  2. Thanks for sharing your great idea! I am going to have to try this too!

  3. Great idea with the clothespins!
    I am your newest follower!

  4. Oh my goodness! AWESOME IDEAS!!! Thanks for sharing! Your room looks so cute. I am also a 1st grade teacher. I am your newest follower and I hope you will follw me!

  5. I like the clotheshanger idea. I am moving into a room with a hooks and bar area for bookbags and coats. I can totally do this in my room. AND since one wall is pretty much worthless since it isn't magnetic and it is too thick to staple anything in it, this will be a lifesaver tip I can share with my team. Thanks!!

  6. Can't believe how creative you are.

    I'm your newest follower!

    Enjoy Teaching English

  7. My principal would have a heart attack if he saw something hot glued to the wall. Why not use the 3M hook thingies on the clothespins? It will stick just as well and won't hurt the wall when you pull it off...

  8. I just found your blog through pinterest & I am hooked! Your organization is awesome! I am your newest follower! I will totally be hot gluing clothespins to my wall! :)
    Jen's Kinder Kids
    Please come by & visit!

  9. The hangers with the book hooks...BRILLIANT.

    I found your blog through a blog roll and I am SO excited to start following you :)


  10. Just found your site! I love your ideas...clothespins to hang charts-WOW!! And, your anchor charts are beautiful!

  11. I love your storage idea. I've done something similar in the past using pants hangers, but I think yours take up less space. Anyway, you have some great ideas and so I am now your newest follower. Thanks for sharing your ideas.

    Grade School Giggles

  12. I also hang my posters for storage, but I use binder clips instead of the silver rings. I actually like your idea better, but if you have a poster you don't want to/can't hole punch the binder clips are another option.


  13. You are brilliant! I have such a hard time with anchor chart storage! My classroom is teeny tiny so it makes storage a real issue. Thanks for the great idea! I am a new follower and I'm SO glad I found your blog.
    Sarah's First Grade Snippets

  14. I'd like to know about the bags on the hooks in the photo.

  15. The anchor chart idea with the hangers is wonderful! I have just the space for it, too. I think I might use different colored hangers for different content areas to make it really quick to find the chart I need.

    Thank you for all your fantastic ideas! I look forward to exploring your site further and discovering many other brilliant ideas I need to adopt!


  16. Do you have the charts hanging in a bag?

    1. No, the charts are hanging in my cabinet.