Thursday, February 16, 2012

Heart Health

  This week to go along with Valentine's Day we learned about our hearts and how to keep them healthy! The Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation has a website that teaches kids about their heart’s and how to keep them healthy. This website has fun interactive activities for the kids to do as well as great information. To visit this website click HERE.

After going through the information and activities found on this website, I had my students do the True and False Heart Health Statement sort.

Click HERE for the link to the very cute Heart Health posters from Lesson Plan SOS!!


  1. Hello,
    I could not find your email address...I hope you don't mind I am leaving a comment to contact you! We noticed that you referenced our file "Your heart is in your own two hands," which is on our TPT store. You indicated that another website is where you got our file from. Can you please email us and let us know more about what website you found our file on? We would like to contact them if it is there without our permission.
    Thank you for your help,

    1. Thanks for the comment! As I read though my last post I noticed my links were messed up – which made my post confusing. I have fixed my links and referenced your blog in my post. :)
      Thanks for letting me know!