Sunday, August 20, 2017

American Sign Language in the Classroom

Each year I teach my students a little bit of American Sign Language.  I teach the majority of the signs during my phonics lessons.  For example, as we learn the sound and keyword for the letter a we learn the signs as well.  So by the end of my phonics lesson we have a chant and hand signs that help us remember the sound for a!  The students would say: a - apple - (a) .  As they say the chant, they sign the letter a and the sign for apple.  I have found that putting hand signs with my phonics lessons activity engages the students in the lesson and helps them remember the content better!  Research says that children learn faster when they can hear, see and feel what they are learning.

I searched high and low for an alphabet strip that not only had the letter and a picture, but also the letter in American Sign Language.  I couldn't find what I wanted so I had to make my own!  Here are some pictures of what my regular alphabet strip looked like...

Here are some pictures of what my new alphabet strip looks like!  My alphabet strip is now a great resource tool for my students to use, especially during my phonics lessons!

I also like to teach some signs to help with classroom management.  For example, I teach the students the sign for bathroom.  That way when I'm in the middle of guided reading groups and a child needs to go to the restroom they can catch my attention and make the sign for bathroom without interrupting my small group!

If you don't know American Sign Language, no need to worry!  The internet is filled with tons of helpful websites where you can type in the word you are looking for and a video will show you how to make the sign.  Here is one helpful website I use: American Sign Language Dictionary.

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