Monday, March 25, 2019

Egg Activities to do around Easter!

Around Easter time I like to spend that week doing fun, educational activities using those little plastic eggs!  My students LOVE the activities during this time so I decided I would share some of the different ones we do in class...

Counting Money Eggs
This activity puts a fun twist to the popular scoot game! I fill 24 plastic eggs with different amounts of money. Then, I place an egg on each student's desk. I give each student a recording sheet.  Finally, I have the students walk around the classroom counting the money in each egg.  They write the total amount of money that was in each egg on their recording sheet. Once everyone has finished counting and recording I have the students go back to their desk.  We go around and check our work together.  Each student counts and gives the total amount for the egg on their desk.  This is a perfect, fun activity to do around Easter to practice counting money! 

Click HERE to download my Counting Money Egg Scoot Activity from my TpT Store!

Addition and/or Subtraction Classroom Egg Hunt
Another egg activity we do is an Easter Egg Hunt in our classroom!  My students absolutely LOVE this activity and it's a fun way to practice addition and subtraction facts!

I place either addition or subtraction problems in the little plastic eggs.  I hide the eggs throughout the classroom.  The students find an egg, open it, record the problem, and solve it.  Once they are done they place the egg back where they found it and search for a new one!

Click HERE to download The Great Addition and Subtraction Egg Hunt Activity from my TpT Store!

CVC and/or CVCe Egg Word Scramble
This is a fun egg activity I like to use at Literacy Centers or for another whole group "scoot" activity.  I fill 20 small plastic eggs with CVC and/or CVCe words. 

The students crack open the egg and unscramble the word.

Finally, they record the answer on their recording sheet!

Click HERE to download the Crack the Egg CVC & CVCe Word Scramble Activity from my TpT Store!

Noun, Verb, Adjective Egg Word Sort
This activity doesn't use the small plastic eggs....but it's too good not to share! LOL
We complete this egg word sort activity together as a class.  Then, I put it at one of my literacy centers for the students to practice throughout the week!

I also have my students complete this page at their literacy center.  They love decorating why not let them decorate one and then describe it using adjectives!

Click HERE to download the Noun, Verb, and Adjective Egg Word Sort Activity from my TpT Store!


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