Sunday, May 8, 2016

Can you tie my shoes?

"Can you tie my shoes?" is a common question I get in first grade.  It doesn't take long before tying multiple shoes a day gets really old.  So I came up with a way students can get their shoes tied without having to ask me to do it for them.  I have this wooden shoe in my classroom.  Whenever a student thinks they are ready to show me they know how to tie their shoes they can come to the shoe and tie it.  If they can do it they receive a prize (candy or a pick from the treasure chest) and then a sticker next to their name on the chart.  Once they have received a sticker next to their name the other students who don't quite know how to tie their own shoes can go to them for help when they need their shoes tied.  I couldn't believe how motivated students became to learn how to tie their own shoes when I started this in my classroom.  They would go home and practice and try on my wooden shoe in class the next day.
Here is a picture of the chart I have posted in my classroom.
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  1. Where did you get the wooden shoe with tie? Did you make it?

    1. No, you can buy the shoe from the educational store called Lakeshore. 😊