Monday, November 30, 2015

Thanksgiving Parent Gift

This year my student's made this super cute crayon ornament and turkey gift bag to take home to their parents for a little Thanksgiving gift!
Here is what the crayon ornament looked like:
This is a super cheap parent gift!  All you need are some crayons, foam for the back, string/ribbon, Mod Podge, glitter, and a student picture.
Here are the steps to making the crayon ornament:
Step 1:  Cut out a small rectangle (about the size of the length of a crayon) on any color foam piece.
Step 2:  Hole punch two holes at the top of the rectangle.
Step 3:  Tie string or ribbon through the holes.
Step 4:  Have the students glue crayons onto their rectangle foam piece.  They can use regular glue or tacky glue.  For a strong hold I will hot glue the crayons on for the students.
To add a little shine and sparkle I have my students paint the crayons with Mod Podge and sprinkle some glitter on top.
Step 5:  Add the student name tag and a ribbon bow.
Click HERE to download the printable name tags for FREE!
Step 6: Finally add the student pictures in the middle of the crayon frame! 

My students made this cute turkey gift bag to place their crayon ornaments in! 
The presents were a huge hit with parents!
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