Friday, August 26, 2016

Teacher Aprons

This year you will see me walking around my classroom and school sportin' my new teacher apron!  This year I started a new behavior management system where I give "Golden Sticks" to students who are caught doing good things.  I needed a way to always have my "Golden Sticks" with me so I could pass them out at all times like during class bathroom breaks, walking in the hallway, etc.  I decided I needed an apron to wear each day to hold my sticks.  I had my mom (who is great at sewing) go to work and make me one.   I told her everything I needed my apron to have to make it practical for me as a teacher.  The apron has 6 pockets of different sizes and even a couple pen holders.  When I found out our school district was making a new policy to wear our school ID badges everyday I also had my mom add a key ring where I can clip my badge on.  The thought of wearing my ID badge around my neck everyday just didn't sound very fun to me.  Just a couple days into the school year I realized without my apron I am lost!  Here is a peek into the "must haves" I carry around everyday in my teacher apron.

My "Golden Sticks," pens, pencils, white board marker, cell phone, hand sanitizer, sticky notes, classroom and file cabinet keys, and ID badge is what you will find in my teacher apron.

My mom had a great time paring fabrics together to make a cute apron that she made a couple more.  You can check out the different aprons she made by clicking on the link below each picture.  She's in the process of making more so keep checking back to see more cute aprons!

Here are the aprons we currently have for sale!

Right now my apron inventory is low.  My aprons were featured in this article on and sold quickly!  We are currently in the process of making and adding new ones ASAP!
**NEW** You can now place a custom made-to-order apron of your own color choices on my Etsy store!!

Click HERE to purchase this Yellow and Blue Apron

Click HERE to purchase this Yellow, Pink, and Green Apron

Click HERE to purchase this Pink, Off White, and Pink Apron

These are the aprons we have sold in the past. 
A lot of these aprons can be remade.  Just message me if you like the color/fabric choices you see here.


You can view and purchase all the aprons through our ETSY store by clicking HERE!

Here is just some of the feedback we've received! :)


  1. Hello!
    I love the teacher aprons!! Do you have any more colors to choose from? BTW, thanks for all the wonderful ideas you post! :)

    1. Thank you!
      Here is the link to the aprons I currently have available.