Tuesday, July 21, 2015

My New Writing Center!

I am so excited about my new writing center!  I have been working hard on it this summer trying to get it finished before the upcoming school year.  
Here are some pictures of the final product!
I plan on slowly adding each writing type to the center as we learn it during writing time.  By the end of the school year the students will be able to choose from the many options to write about during their writing center time.  Hopefully this will help keep the writing center fun and motivating for my students.  It will also help the students review and practice all the different types of writing we have learned throughout the school year.
Each pocket is filled with a different writing outline page. 
There are also helpful writing posters in some of the pockets to help the students as they write.
It's hard to see in the picture, but there are writing prompt cards for each type of writing hanging on the hooks next to the writing type.
The students will take a writing outline page, choose a writing prompt, and begin writing!
Here is a look of the activities for each type of writing.
The students will use the writing prompt calendars to help them think of a topic to write about if they are struggling with an idea.
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  1. Wow! Getting so many great ideas from this post! I love how the topics are organized in the same area (name of activity, sheets, and prompts). I have my kids do lists but I think it would be super helpful to have the type of list written on the top so they don't waste all of their time thinking of what to do. Also love the monthly writing calendars!