Sunday, September 8, 2013

Grandparent’s Day Craft

Every year I always search the internet for a cute, simple craft for a gift during our Grandparent’s night.  Every year my search for the perfect Grandparent’s Day craft ends up in a loss.  So this year I decided to make something for my students to create for a Grandparent’s Day gift.  Since Grandparent’s night always happens during the first couple weeks of school – it’s hard to fit in a lot of time for extra crafts with our busy schedules.  So these crafts are super easy and simple! 
For this craft the students just stamp their handprint and sign their name.  I of course supply a picture that I took of them during the first day of school.  You could also just have your students draw and color a picture of themselves in that box as well.  
I tape the handprint on the paper so it folds open as if it were blowing a kiss and the message "Blowing lots of kisses your way!" is revealed....


For this craft the student just stamp their handprint, sign their name, and write their age.   

I always like to have two crafts sitting on each student's desk during Grandparent’s Night because so many of my students have two sets of grandparents that show up for Grandparent’s night.  I would hate for only one set of grandparents to leave with a special gift.
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