Monday, July 29, 2013

Wish List Apple Tree

Last year my Wish List apples were a big hit!  I had many parents leaving Open House with an apple that had an item to donate to our classroom.  This year I decided to spruce up my Wish List Apple idea!  Instead of just laying the apples out on the table, I took my Wish List Apples and transformed them into a Wish List Apple Tree!  The best part of the Apple Tree was it cost me nothing to make it!!  I just used an old pot that I had stuffed in a closet, sticks I found in the neighborhood park, and old flower arrangement Styrofoam and moss.  I hole punched each apple and hung them on the tree!  Now my parents can pick the item they would like to donate off of the tree!

Click HERE to download my Wish List Apples from my TpT Store!



  1. How cute! What a great display for wish list items!

    Team V's Second Grade Fun

  2. Your wish list apple tree turned out so cute!!! I've always want to do something like this, but I work in a school with 97% of the kids on free or reduced lunch. Many of the parents are just barely getting by. If I ever move to another school, I'm going to 'steal' your idea. I might call mine the "Giving Tree."
    Connie Anderson:)
    Welcome To First Grade Room 5

    1. This is def a great idea but I am in the same boat as you Ms. Anderson. Low income high need school in the South Bronx. I would def use this if I was in a different area!

  3. I just stumbled upon your blog, and I just love it! This wish list tree is so cute! I only wish I had found it before our Open House on Monday night. I will save the idea for next year, though! :) Thanks so much!


  4. What a fabulous idea I'll use it this September for my open house class! For those teachers who have low income students try using dollar store items for your giving tree apples. Post-it note pads, glue sticks, boxes of tissue and hand sanitizer are among dollar store items that maybe these parents can get for the classroom at a bargain!

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