Saturday, December 28, 2013

First Grade Report Card Assessments

When report card assessments came along it was always such a stressful time.  We have checklist type report cards with many different skills to assess per student.  UNTIL I created assessment packets!!!  These packets have worksheet assessments that align to each skill.  I just pull the worksheets that I need for that nine weeks and staple them together.  I have the students work on their assessment packet independently at their desk (while they have their offices up).  When the students have finished their packet I just grade them and transfer how they did onto their report card.  It also helps to have a hard copy of how each student is doing.  You can use the assessment packets to show to parents during Parent/Teacher Conferences or just to keep in each student's records.  My first grade team uses these same assessments that I have created.  That way we know we are assessing the same skills and the same way!

This is a preview of just some of the assessment pages:

Here is how I have all the assessments organized....

I have all the assessments stored in a 3 inch binder.

All the assessments are organized by each 9 weeks.

I have made 9 weeks progress reports which lists the skills that need to be assessed at that time.  After the progress report I then put all the assessments I need for that 9 weeks behind it.  Each assessment page is in a clear plastic sleeve cover.  I usually have multiple copies of each assessment so I can easily pull one if I need to assess a student again.

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  1. We use assessment packets too. Very helpful.

    First Impressions

  2. This is great! I'm struggling to get all of my checklists complete.

  3. This is great! However, I don't have access to a color printer. Before I purchase, can you tell me how many pages require color?


  4. Nothing has to be printed in color. I only have a black and white printer at my school - so that is all I use too. :)

    Thank you!

  5. WoW! I am elated that I found your blog! Although, I am a kindergarten teacher, your ideas will definitely assist me in developing better ways to assess and organize my assessments as well. You are awesome and thanks for sharing!