Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Spider Unit

Here are just a couple things we did during our spider unit this week!
First, we started our unit by graphing if we are or are not afraid of spiders.  Here is what our class graph showed.

Next, we filled in the KWL Chart.  We added what we already knew about spiders and what we wanted to learn this week about spiders.

Throughout the week I read numerous Non-Fiction books about spiders.  Here are some of the books I read:

We talked about the difference between Spiders/Arachnids and Insects.  We labeled the parts of a spider.

For a fun art/writing activity we began by filling in the verb/adjective chart together as a class.


After filling in the chart together, the students used the words off the chart to make a poem about spiders.  After the students wrote their poem they made a handprint spider. They added eyes, a web, bugs in the web, etc. to their spider after it dried.

Click HERE to download the Spider Poem Writing Paper from my TpT Store!

We have been talking a lot about the difference between a fact and opinion lately.  For this activity the students sorted and stuck the Spider fact and opinion sentences onto the correct spider.

Click HERE to download the Spider Fact and Opinion Sentences from my TpT Store!

As a class, we wrote our own Spider facts.

We ended our spider unit by filling in our KWL Chart again with all the new information we learned throughout the week about spiders.  Finally, we graphed again on how we now feel about spiders after learning about them all week.


  1. This is adorable! I love your fact and opinion spiders!!

    A Day in First Grade

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