Friday, September 16, 2011

Watermelon Fun!

During our Exploring Our 5 Senses with Watermelons unit we learned about each sense and explored watermelons with our five senses!  Here are some of the activities we did:
These are sugar cookies with mini chocolate chips that are made to look like watermelons.  It is always a blast to hear the kids predict what they think these cookies are going to smell and taste like.  :)

Here are some additional fun watermelons activities we did.

Each student graphed whether they like or do not like eating watermelon.


We read The Enormous Watermelon and talked about what the word ENORMOUS meant.

Then we used a real watermelon to do some different prediction and measurement activities.  We predicted and measured how wide and long our watermelon was, how much our watermelon weighed, and how many lines were on our watermelon, etc.  The students wrote their predictions in their watermelon booklet.  Then, we measured to get the actual measurements.

After all our measurement activities, we cut open the watermelon!  Each student received a slice of our watermelon.  Before we ate the watermelon slice we used our five senses exploring the piece.  We added a description on how the piece of watermelon sounded, felt, looked, smelled, and tasted like to our anchor charts!


Here is a picture of our watermelon that has cool watermelon facts.  The facts have sticky Velcro dots on the back to easily take on and off as you introduce each fact.

For a fun whole-group syllable activity, I gave the students a word.  I called on student volunteers to put a seed up for every syllable they heard in the word.
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