Sunday, July 10, 2011

Accelerated Reader Posters

Accelerated Reader is a program that is highly used at the school I teach at.  I have used Accelerated Reader in many ways but this year I am changing it up a little.  The first change I am making is the students are going to be setting individual nine weeks goals.  Each student will be responsible for reaching their goal that is tailored to their reading needs.  Secondly, I am going to make sure that the students are NOT using their books during their AR test.  You know you have those couple students that always try to sneak a peek.  Or those students that didn’t even read the book and are trying to take a test on it!  Finally, I am going to make sure that when they take their test that they mark the correct way they read their book, either independently, with someone, or the book was read to them.  This will really help me keep track if they are having comprehension problems where the breakdown begins.  If you use Accelerated Reader in your classroom what are some of the things that you implement?

I have made two different posters that will be hung next to my classroom computers.

This first sign is attached to a basket where they will place their book in before they take their test to insure they are not using it while they take the test.


  1. I love your ideas here about AR points. I used to sit with unmotivated readers as a parent volunteer and explain why reading isn't just important, it's fun! Reading can take us places with out ever leaving the comfort of our favorite cozy spot! Anyway, I wonder if there's a place for a re/award entitled, "Reading is it's Own Reward" and/also, instead of a gift card to Walmart, give a gift card to the locally owned bookstore.

    Just some thoughts, nice work on the rewards system! Keep up the good work hard working teacher! I just gave you a $10,000 a year raise in my heart! ;o)

  2. My school allows students to use their books during the AR tests. Since we are wanting them to go back and double check their answers on the state test we want them to practice this school all year long. I do an AR rewards system in my classroom. The one that every student wants is my 100 point award...a day of no work. I also do class rewards for every 200 points that the class earns. It really motivates them.