Thursday, November 24, 2011

Student Organization

Here are just some of the ideas I use in my classroom to help keep my students organized:

Each student has a "Work in Progress" Folder in their desk.  They use this folder to put any unfinished work in.  Anytime throughout the day that they have time, they are to get this folder out and finish any work in it.  This really helps the students keep from shoving papers in their desk.

I really don't let the students keep much in their desk.  They have their "Work in Progress" folder, journal, 1 book, headphones, and pencil box with crayons.  Any other additional supplies are kept in my supply bins.  They will get the supplies only when they need them and then put them back.

Around December the name tags on the student desks start to look horrible. They start peeling up and coming off. I take them off the desks and the students just use the number on the back of their chair to know where they sit.

They store their center folders (yellow for literacy centers and blue for math centers) in their numbered spot on the pocket chart.

These pencil bins prevent the students from sharpening their pencils in the middle of your lesson.

This is the restroom break system I have.  When the green sign is posted the students may move their number next to the restroom sign and take the pass and go.  If the red sign is up, then they may not leave the classroom to take a break.  Unless of course it is an emergency.  This prevents students from raising their hand and asking to go to the restroom in the middle of your lesson.

These bins are used to place each students work in after it is graded.  The students take home their graded work placed in their numbered spot at the end of each week.  I purchased these bins at Sams.

These numbered bags are used to place different student materials in that you might need in the middle of a lesson.  Instead of having to pass out each of the supplies you can have what each student needs in their bag at all times. They just grab their bag and come to the carpet or to their desk.  It makes things so easy!  I bought these bags from Oriental Trading.  I dicut the numbers out of material and then had my mom sew them on.

These are the student portfolios I keep during the school year.  I put important paperwork, progress reports, daily work, etc. in each of the student's portfolio.  To keep the papers divided by month I have the students color each cardstock paper divider and then place it into their portfolio.

Each student has a daily binder that goes home each day with important information, notes, etc.  The calendar shows important events and the student's behavior for that day.

I hope you enjoyed looking at my ideas.  If you have any questions on how I do things, please let me know!

Classroom Organization

I am known for being extremely organized.  So I have decided to share some of my organizational ideas for the classroom:
I store my lesson plans in a 1 inch binder and stand it up on a stand.  That way it keeps things from laying all over my desk.

This is how I organize my worksheets, lessons, etc. that I am using for that week. I purchased this at Lakeshore.

I always like to stay planned ahead.  So this is how I store my copies for the weeks to come.  I bought these bins at Wal-mart.  Each bin is labeled math, morning work, centers, etc.

I put all the worksheets, activities, etc. I had for each unit in a 1 inch binder.  It makes looking for things so much easier!  It is also easy to store.  You don't have to worry about all the file cabinet space.

This is how I store my construction paper, writing paper, fancy paper, etc.

This is how I organize all my files.  I have a folder for each specific skill.


I have these big drawers in my classroom.  In order to keep little things organized I used plastic storage bins as separators.  I actually used the bins that our math manipulatives came in.

Here is a sneak peek into some of my desk drawers!

I store each month's bulletin board items, unit activities, etc. in one of these big plastic bags.  I took the shelf out of my cabinet in order to store them all standing up.
I have these book holders for each of my units.  They store the read aloud books or any student books that will be used during that unit.  I got these book holders at Mardels.

I have a bin for each of my math manipulative items.  I purchased these bins at Mardels.

I had my husband make these shelves to fit perfectly under my board.  They store my student books and supplies.

Here is a close up of the book bins and the supply bins.  I got these bins at Lakeshore and they came four in a package.

Here is a close up of the book bin leveling system that I use.  All my student books are Accelerated Reader books.  They are divided into the different tubs by their book level.  I use a sticker and number system so the students know which bin to put their book back into.

This is another shelf that I had my husband make.  This holds different manipulatives, games, activities, etc. for different skills.  This makes changing out center games so easy!

Hope you enjoyed looking at how I keep some things organized.  If you have any questions on how I organize something, even if it wasn't something that I posed, please let me know!  I'll keep adding more ideas!